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An MLOps Platform for Model Evaluation

What Starwhale provides

Model evaluation

Evaluate your models easily and compare them with customizable tables and charts to find the best-performed one.

Model and dataset versioning

Track models and datasets by versioning to manage and collaborate effectively.

Interactive visualization

Interactive Visualization with your datasets and labels provides an effective way to understand data.

Runtime environment synchronization

Set up a standard runtime environment for your team with one command.
# Build and copy Starwhale Runtime locally or remotely
swcli runtime build .
swcli runtime copy pytorch/version/latest cloud://pre-k8s/project/1 --force
swcli runtime copy cloud://pre-k8s/project/1/runtime/pytorch/version/g4zwkyjumm2dinrtmftdgyjznb4xcni self --force

# Restore and active Starwhale Runtime
swcli runtime restore pytorch/version/latest
swcli runtime activate pytorch/version/latest

# List and info Starwhale Runtime
swcli runtime list
swcli runtime info pytorch/version/latest

# Manage Starwhale Runtime tags
swcli runtime tag pytorch/version/g43tsodfg5sd v2 test

# Remove and recover a Starwhale Runtime
swcli runtime remove pytorch/version/v2
swcli runtime recover pytorch/version/g43tsodfg5sdqnrtmftdgyjzo5zdgoi

Why choose Starwhale

Interactive visualization

It provides a quick response between data input and visual output, making it easy to identify trends and compare results.

Scalable architecture

Tired of waiting for your evaluations to complete? Simply make them faster by adding more machines.

Fast deployment

You can build, install, and start the Starwhale instance in a minimum time.

Effective collaboration

Easily share your models, datasets, runtime environment, and evaluation results with your teammates.

How to use Starwhale

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